Wholesale Voip

VoIP business can be divided for two large categories � wholesale and retail. The most popular is wholesale business, because it is the simplest way to earn money by trading VoIP traffic at wholesale. Wholesaler profits are generated from difference of buying prices and selling prices. Thus, the main target is to find the cheapest price for some route and to sell it more expensive as you can! A VoIP wholesaler, which buys traffic from other wholesaler and then sells them to other wholesaler, is named as Simple Wholesaler. The start-point of a route for traffic is named as Origination Point. As usual, originator is a retailer-company, which sells prepaid-cards, has call shops, offers IP-Phone services etc. The end-point of a route for traffic is named as Termination Point. And a terminator is not only retailer, but it could be also a wholesaler. Thus, a wholesaler, which makes a termination point, is named as Termination Wholesaler.

In order to terminate traffic wholesaler needs to have an entrance to some PSTN or cellular network. This entrance is called as an access channel to a public network and forms by one or several gateways. A gateway transforms your compressed data packets to usual voice, which can be transmitted in a public switched telephone network (PSTN). All VoIP distributors have a point, where the whole of traffic pass thru. This point is named as Routes Management Point (RMP) and is using by wholesaler for routes management, configuring, controlling and billing. A RMP as usual a collocated server, located wherever in Internet, with special software. This software called SoftSwitch and usually represents routes management system and usually a billing platform.

Technical Description

A wholesaler is always interested in purchasing a gateway, by which he could transforms to a termination wholesaler.

A gateway is characterized by its carrying capacity. Gateway�s capacity is measured by amount of streams. There are E1 and T1 streams in gateways. E1 is a designation, which used in Europe, T1 � in USA. One E1 stream signifies by itself an ability to transmit 30 simultaneous calls and T1 � 24 simultaneous calls. As a result, a gateway with more E1 streams has more capacity and as a result � more expensive. The destination of calls could be a PSTN or cellular network, so dependently on network type you will need to install the gateway in certain network.

Wholesale VoIP solutions are defined by flexibility, allowing service providers to implement more than basic network access services. Taking into consideration the customer needs, 4PSA offers advanced services that can be deployed step by step.


Operations and business automation empower service providers to provision new accounts without any intervention, to automatically charge customer accounts, and to suspend or terminate services based on predefined criteria.


  • Low initial investment and pay-as-you-go licensing
  • Requires standard x86 compatible servers and Linux operating system
  • Media gateway with PRI interfaces using standard PCI cards
  • Multitenant, reseller-friendly AJAX web-management interface with four levels of administration
  • Real-time billing on all account levels
  • Virtually unlimited possibilities to create service plans