Predictive Dialer

What Is A Predictive Dialer ?

A predictive dialer is a computerized system that automatically dials batches of telephone numbers for connection to agents assigned to sales or other campaigns. Predictive dialers are widely used in call centers.

A predictive dialer is an outbound call processing system designed to maintain a high level of utilization and cost efficiency in the contact center. The dialer automatically calls a list of telephone numbers, screens the unnecessary calls such as answering machines and busy signals, and then connects a waiting representative with the customer.

A VOIP Predictive Dialer, a.k.a. soft predictive dialer, is a software product capable of predictive dialing using VOIP service directly. Besides computer and internet connection, there is no equipment needed in order to use VOIP predictive dialer.

Predictive dialers perform the same function but the architecture and delivery methods can vary greatly between manufacturers. There are several types of predictive dialing: Software, Hardware, Smart, and Hosted dialers.

Predictive dialers are usually desktop computers equiped with either special telephony voice boards or off-the-shelf voice modems. Traditionally, voice modems lack many of the features telephony boards offer. For example, call progress detection, call transfer, etc. However, with the ever improvement in today's computer speed, many of the telephony board features are implemented in software, which drastically reduces the cost and improves flexibility.

New predictive dialing technology, together with faster computers and bigger broadband bandwidth, enables software only predictive dialers to work as good as or even better than hardware based dialers. Software based solution avoids expensive telephony board and associated hardware maintenance cost. It is easy to install and configure. For example, it is very easy to setup remote agent (at home agent).