VTiger Crm

vtiger CRM allows a user to create and manage webforms which can be used to capture leads. It also provides ready-to-use html code for its use in Webforms.

Create A Webform

  • Go to Settings Icon > CRM Settings > Webforms.
  • Click on the icon to create a new Webform.

Campaign Module

vtiger CRM's campaigns module allows you to create, track, and optimize your marketing initiatives. Marketing campaign goals can vary, from generating brand or promotion awareness, to obtaining new leads, converting leads to new sales, or encouraging existing clients to purchase more products or services. By setting up the campaign parameters, setting the metrics that you would like the campaign to improve, and measuring the outcome, you can assess the success of any marketing campaign. Many campaigns also have lists of leads or contacts associated with them (although, oftentimes lead-generation campaigns do not). These leads or contacts will then have a marketing function performed on them (a phone call, an email, a piece of mail, etc.) and responses will be recorded on each client record. These lists can be associated with campaigns in vtiger. Creating Campaigns and Setting Basic Parameters

  • Open the Campaigns module from the main menu and click on the Fill out the campaign parameters and click Save.
  • Click on the Quick Create drop-down menu on the right side of the main menu, select Create Campaign, fill out the campaign parameters and click Save

Trouble Tickets Module

In the CRM terminology, tickets are any kind of customer service requests as they occur after sales. The support functions help you to collect and sort customer requests, inquiries, disturbances, problems etc. related to sold goods or services. The support functions keep CRM users and customers informed on the status reached in respect to the response to customers messages. Sales staff and management can get a quick overview of support activities related to customers or products or both.

To create Trouble Tickets

  • Go to 'Support' > Trouble Tickets.
  • Click on the + icon.
  • In the Create view, enter the Trouble Ticket details.
  • Click Save to update your details. Trouble ticket details are displayed in detail view page where you can perform the additional operations. Refer to the 'Associating Trouble Tickets with Other Records' section for more details.